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2014-10-11 14:39:24 by Rational-Delirium


So I started working on this three days ago after taking a one year break from it, so four days total. Enjoy.
The F's are the inbetweens.


This is what it originally looked like with the keyframes.

What is this?!?!?!?

2014-04-09 16:21:15 by Rational-Delirium

Three of my art pieces were not made not by me, but by my sister. That's why they have such a different art style.



2014-03-22 19:21:44 by Rational-Delirium

The head's messed up, and so are the calfs and the arms, but oh well.

It's actually embarassing with the head like that though, so I'll fix it later.



2012-08-11 00:03:29 by Rational-Delirium



The truth about Rational-Delirium

2008-01-27 01:43:10 by Rational-Delirium

I feel really lucky to be in a team like this. Sure, most girls I know would be devastated to be in a group with their two younger brothers, but I'm really honoured to have siblings this talented working alongside me. The best part is that we all are good at different things, thus eliminating the need for creative control over our stuff (most of the time). Andy is the programmer, and sometimes spends hours at a time pouring over his flash programming books. He made our first two submissions by himself, when he was the only one who actually knew how to use the program. Jamie is the creative one who's ideas, though they sound strange at the beginning, turn out even better than Andy or I could have imagined it.He has created three flashes so far. And me, well I'm the illustrator/song writer. Sure, I have a short attention span, and rarely finish the things that I start, but what I do manage to sketch out is... okay I guess. I have made one flash so far.
If it weren't for my brothers, this whole world of creativity and creation would have stayed closed to me.
So, thanks guys, I guess I owe you one.

A Short Story

2007-09-13 20:19:21 by Rational-Delirium

Alan was 7 years old when a very significant event happened in his life. His dad, Joe, wanted him to learn to ride his bike, but little Alan was too stubborn to even sit on it.

Then one day his dad had a thoughtful idea "Maybe, just maybe, if I put one of our special homemade hamburgers on the other side of the city, he will bike all the way there, eat it, and come back." So Joe did exactly what he thought and put the hamburger on the other side of the city. He told Alan and the thought of eating a homemade hamburger made him hungrier that a starving elephant.

He grabbed the bike and peddled off to the other side of the city faster than you can say train, in fact, he went too fast and stumbled upon a light bulb which soon became a broken light bulb. He passed out and a military helicopter picked him up to do some research because they've never seen anyone go that fast.

They discovered that the hamburgers give him super athletic abilities, which is why he's an NBA star now. He likes reading the Da Vinci Code because it's a lot like basketball, very strategic and intense.

- Andy Sgro